Spring in Hawaii with JORD

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

HEY GUYS!!!!  Whoa, this will actually be my first post for the year 2017.  Talk about slacking!  I’ve missed my blog and finally found some time to do a post.  I’m excited for today’s post as I’ll be sharing with you my newest and current favorite Spring accessory.

Before pregnancy, you would never find my wrist without a watch.  I’d wear one to work, to run errands, to go on dinner dates, etc.  I felt completely naked whenever I didn’t have one.  After I gave birth, I pretty much gave up wearing all of my accessories including  watches.  I didn’t want anything to accidentally scratch Rylie or fall off where it could become a choking hazard, so like my blog, I put everything on the side and kind of forgot about it ūüė¶

When JORD reached out to me, I was quickly drawn to their unique and timeless (pun intended) style of wooden watches.  They have quite a big selection of men’s and women’s styles you can choose from.  After what felt like forever trying to decide on the perfect watch to fit my style, I finally chose the Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise watch. I love how the turquoise face and swarovski crystal markers contrast beautifully against the zebrawood.  This watch can easily be worn dressed up or more casually as I styled it in my pictures below.

With Mother’s day AND Father’s day coming up quickly, a timepiece would make for a perfect gift!  I’ve partnered up with JORD to give my readers/followers a chance at winning $100 gift code towards a watch of their choice.  The sweet deal about this is everyone who enters but did not win, will receive a $25 gift code.  The contest will end on 04/09/2017 and you can enter by clicking on this link: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/loveandrylie

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week ūüôā  Thanks for visiting, and good luck!

Xx Mari

JORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise WatchJORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise WatchJORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise Watch

JORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise WatchJORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise WatcJORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise WatcJORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise WatcJORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise WatcJORD Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise Watc

Wooden Wrist Watch


Be Kind Always.

October 25, 2016
Hey guys! ¬†It’s been so long since I’ve done a post ūüė≥ I’ve been so busy lately balancing work, family time and planning Rylie’s first birthday party (which btw, I plan to share here after the event so stay tuned ūüėõ). ¬†I’m counting down the days until she turns one and I seriously can not believe how fast it’s coming up! ¬†I’m sure I’ll be writing a sappy post dedicated solely to my growing babe as the day approaches, but for today I wanted to shed light on something that I hope will make people think twice about.

The mama community on social media is pretty huge. ¬†While everyone is completely different, they all have one thing in common and that is motherhood. ¬†I have met some great mamas through Instagram who have really helped me grow as a mother by sharing their personal experiences, tips and advice. ¬†By sharing my own experiences, I’ve gotten great feedback and encouragement as well. ¬†Tonight I came across a beautiful picture one of the mamas I recently started following posted. ¬†After liking her picture, I read her caption. ¬†It sounded a bit snobby and I was completely caught off guard that such a beautiful picture came with a caption like that. ¬†So as part of her caption suggested, I went ahead and watched her “instastory”. ¬†What I saw was, a mother insulting another mother for copying a professional photo session she had taken. ¬†I was left feeling so bothered that I immediately unliked her picture and unfollowed her account. ¬†Originally I followed her because I enjoyed her amazing feed and honest motherhood, but failed to remember behind these perfectly curated instagram feeds are imperfect human beings. ¬†Now I’m not trying to shame this lady, but when you post your life publicly to the world, you are inviting everyone and anyone to admire your ideas which will sometimes lead to you becoming their form of inspiration. ¬†That’s definitely a huge compliment, but I also get how this MAY be discouraging in some ways. ¬†Maybe you spent hours and hours deciding on specific colors and scenery that you found perfect for that special moment, and here comes someone else who didn’t have to input as much time and effort since you had done the work and they’re receiving all the credit for what you felt was your ideas. ¬†But if this is the mindset you have, if you will get angry and turn to cyber harassment over someone simply “copying” your picture, maybe your best bet is to switch your account to private and not share with the world your amazing ideas. ¬†Almost every idea that someone has thought of or seen is most likely on Pinterest. ¬†I literally turn to Pinterest for every occasion to get some inspiration and can spend hours browsing through categories. ¬†Like their description says, Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas.

Sorry for the long rant here. ¬†I just needed to voice my opinion on something I feel can be very serious and damaging to a person no matter their age, gender, job title, etc. ¬†Harassment and bullying is such a scary reality that I pray my child won’t ever have to encounter. ¬†However, I will raise her to be strong enough to identify it and move past it if she ever had to. We as parents need to be positive role models to our children or how else can we expect anything great? ¬†Life is already hard as it is, so we need to encourage one another and lift each other up‚̧ԳŹ Be kind always.

Fall Faves

September 25, 2016

Living¬†in Hawaii means summer all year round aka it is forever hot here >insert kim k crying face<¬† So when we finally reach September, I get pretty excited to wear colors that I associate with fall and more importantly,¬†that my favorite¬†drink of the season is back on menu. ¬†The one and only PSL or pumpkin spice latte for you non-starbucks drinkers ūüėõ ¬†I literally have at least one a week! ¬†I also have this crazy obsession with all things pumpkin scented but we can talk about that another day.

Recently I’ve been obsessing over anything blush and¬†mauve/plum, and found¬†a perfect bag in this combo from the Kate Spade outlet. ¬†Below I did a flatlay of my¬†bag found here¬†(I think the color I have is only available at the outlet)¬†+ my current favorite top found here¬†+ my absolute favorite nude matte lip found here¬†+ nail polish by O.P.I. in the shade Do you take lei away? + favorite rings I wear daily from a boutique located in Hawaii.

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Blush Pink + Mauve/Plum Palette

And here’s a few of my favorite fall pieces from Rylie’s closet:

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Everything pictured (except for the moccasins) is from Old Navy and can be found on their website.  Moccs are by Minnetonka sold at Nordstrom.

Speaking of Rylie, poor baby caught roseola last weekend after our play date at the mall. ¬†I could totally kick myself for not being my usual crazy germaphobe self that day. ¬†Sigh. ¬†It started off with Rylie having a fever of 102 degrees. ¬†She had this fever on and off for 4 days and it would range from 100 degrees to as high as 103. ¬†We took her to her doctor and was instructed to give her baby tylenol and lukewarm baths to help keep her fever from spiking very high. ¬†Throughout the day and during the night, we kept Rylie in a thin cotton shirt and just her diaper. ¬†She also had a big loss of appetite and was extra extra fussy and clingy. ¬†After the 4th day, her fever immediately disappeared and I started to notice tiny red dots on her back. ¬†After doing my own research and confirming with her doctor, I already knew she had what is called roseola. ¬†Her face, tummy, and back are now covered in this red rash, which thankfully is not itchy¬†because it sure does look it¬†ūüė¶ Her appetite has returned but she’s still a little fussy and clingy calling for tons of mama snuggles this weekend.

Here’s a picture before the rash spread to her face, of her face-timing with¬†grandma.

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Polka-dot head wrap by @wildsunshine.threads off IG, pup pj’s from Carters

Thanks for stopping by, and hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday ūüôā



Sunday Funday

September 18, 2016

Has it already been a week since I was sitting on my bed with my laptop in front of me, trying to find the words to express my feelings on returning to work? ¬†If you haven’t seen my instagram post a few days ago, I survived my first week back and Rylie handled it like a champ ūüôā ¬†I have to add this again because I really mean it when I say I APPRECIATE each and every person who reached out to me with advice and encouragement during that transition. ¬†It is amazing to know how much mothers will come together no matter what it is. ¬†I’m so happy to have some “mommy friends” through social media since not many of my friends have babies or the ones that do have, live in a different state. ¬†Mothers UNITE! ‚̧

Speaking of mamas in different states…one of my closest friends, Kelsie, and her adorable baby girl, Khloe, booked a quick trip to Hawaii this weekend! ¬†We were so fortunate to have been able to spend the day with them and finally have our babies meet. ¬†Kelsie and I have been friends for 10 years now, and we have literally been through everything together. ¬†From that awkward, trying-to-find-ourselves point in life, to going through pregnancy, and now entering motherhood together, we have definitely come a long way. ¬†We always jokingly talked about having babies at the same time or at least close in age and I can’t believe that it actually happened. ¬†Although we now live in different states, we are determined to make sure that our girls will grow up knowing each other (and go on lots of Disneyland trips together) ūüôā

Here’s some pictures from today:

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Of course we started with the most refreshing treat, Pressed Juicery Freeze
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“Let me fix your hair”
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“Let me fix your head band” Lol!
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Kelsie having Beyonce hair
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Telling secrets
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Dance time!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!



10 Months and an Update.

September 11, 2016

You guys, my baby is 10 months old! ¬†She has finally hit those double digits, meaning she is now 2 months shy of her first birthday (which btw, I really need to get on it with her party planning) but omg! ¬†I seriously can’t get over how fast time flies when you have a baby. ¬†It was just yesterday that Rylie was doing her superman pose on the floor, trying to move by¬†wiggling her arms and legs around with mommy and daddy cheering her on. ¬†She’s now clapping for herself¬†and walking alongside tables and couches, taking everything out of their place along the way. ¬†I’m pretty certain she’ll be walking on her own in no time and as exciting as that may be, I wanna cry and live in¬†these moments¬†a little bit longer.¬†¬†Trust me when I say that time will stop for no one. ¬†This is a¬†great reminder to always give my¬†100% love and attention to Rylie¬†because¬†they really grow up ¬†fast so¬†every second counts ūüôā

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That little grin and side eye though ūüėČ

Now for a little personal update: ¬†When I became pregnant, I imagined myself having¬†no choice but to jump¬†right back into work after 2 months of maternity leave.¬† Never did I think I would become a stay-at-home-mom being that the cost of living in Hawaii is so high and I relied heavily on my income to support my “way of life”, but we found a way and made it happen. ¬†It has now been 11 months that I’ve been out from¬†work (including the month I was on bed rest), and while it has been hard, exhausting and frustrating at times, it has been the most amazing and rewarding 11 months of my life. ¬†With the new flexibility we never had while the both of us were¬†working full-time, we were able to get in as much family outings as we could and spend a lot of time with loved ones.¬† I feel very fortunate that I got to witness and document so many milestones that Rylie hit, as well as see her start to become her own little person. ¬†I probably don’t say it enough but I’m so appreciative of Chris for all that he does to support us. ¬†Not only has he given me the greatest gift of all¬†(Rylie), he has given me an 11 month long opportunity¬†I didn’t think I’d ever get to experience.

Well, in less than 12 hours I will finally be returning to work part-time and leaving my baby for longer than 2 hours, for the first time. ¬†I’ve been struggling with how to prepare myself for this big day and have been trying to remain positive in what I feel is going to be one of the toughest moments¬†in motherhood, yet. ¬†But like my good friend has reminded me, my sole purpose for working will be my baby. ¬†Everything I do will be done for her. ¬†I want to be sure that we can provide her the best life and if this means having to work a few days a week, then so be it. ¬†This reminder means everything to me. ¬†While I know I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling all sorts of sadness being that it’s the actual day, I will keep telling myself what she said to help me stay positive. (Thanks, K ‚̧ )

I would love to know what you working moms did to help you get through your first days back from maternity!



The face mask you need to try.

September 7, 2016

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Lush – Mask of Magnaminty

Throughout the years, I have tried a bunch¬†of different face masks ranging from affordable drug store brands to some pretty¬†pricey name brands. ¬†I didn’t really find a mask that I favored or lived up to it’s description until¬†I discovered the Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. ¬†I’m always on the search for natural products that are gentle yet effective for my sensitive skin and this mask is just that.

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The Mask of Magnaminty is a face and body mask made with fresh ingredients and is self-preserving, therefore, you don’t need to store it in the refrigerator. ¬†Ingredients include China clay and peppermint oil, which helps to pull dirt and debris deep from¬†your pores, ground aduki beans for exfoliation, and marigold oil and honey to help heal and soothe your skin. ¬†I love the cool and tingly feeling this mask gives while wearing it, and the refreshed feeling my face feels once I wash it off.

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I could totally be the witch from Wicked, lol ūüėÄ

On each container of this product, there will be a sticker with information stating who made the batch, on what date they made it, and when to use it by. ¬†It lasts for 4 months and can¬†be used weekly, however, I usually only use it when my skin is giving me problems or if¬†my skin needs a refresher. ¬†Since I don’t use it weekly, I¬†purchase the 4.4 oz which goes for $13.95 on their website and lasts me until the best by date.

If your skin is in need of some lovin’ and you haven’t tried this mask yet, I totally recommend it. ¬†I would love to know what some of your favorite Lush products are ūüôā


Udon know ’til you try.

September 2, 2016

I should take that advice myself! ¬†If you know me, you know that I’m not very adventurous with trying different foods and I’ll take dessert over steak and lobster, any day ūüėČ ¬†But I like to consider myself an amateur foodie since I do love eating even if it’s the same dish over and over (yes boring, I know) and I WILL TAKE PICTURES ūüėÄ

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Zaru Udon w/shrimp, fish cake, squid, and eggplant tempura and 2 salmon musubi’s

I am a huge fan of udon, as it is such a simple yet yummy dish. ¬†The noodles are thick and somewhat chewy- or that is how I prefer it. ¬†It can be served in a hot broth or served cold with a dipping sauce, and may come with toppings such as¬†scallions and tempura flakes. ¬†There will usually be different types of tempura options and musubi’s (rice balls) served a la carte to go with it. ¬†I like my udon both hot and cold, but with Hawaii’s humid weather it’s been so refreshing to eat it cold. ¬†There are 2 restaurants on Oahu that I favor which are Marukame Udon, located in Waikiki, and Iyo Udon, located in Ala Moana Shopping Center. ¬†Both are very good, however, Iyo Udon is a much more convenient location for me. ¬†The portion sizes are very generous and you can’t go wrong with their prices! ¬†If you’re ever at the mall and need to get your udon fix, check them out ūüôā

Xo, Mari