Be Kind Always.

October 25, 2016
Hey guys!  It’s been so long since I’ve done a post 😳 I’ve been so busy lately balancing work, family time and planning Rylie’s first birthday party (which btw, I plan to share here after the event so stay tuned 😛).  I’m counting down the days until she turns one and I seriously can not believe how fast it’s coming up!  I’m sure I’ll be writing a sappy post dedicated solely to my growing babe as the day approaches, but for today I wanted to shed light on something that I hope will make people think twice about.

The mama community on social media is pretty huge.  While everyone is completely different, they all have one thing in common and that is motherhood.  I have met some great mamas through Instagram who have really helped me grow as a mother by sharing their personal experiences, tips and advice.  By sharing my own experiences, I’ve gotten great feedback and encouragement as well.  Tonight I came across a beautiful picture one of the mamas I recently started following posted.  After liking her picture, I read her caption.  It sounded a bit snobby and I was completely caught off guard that such a beautiful picture came with a caption like that.  So as part of her caption suggested, I went ahead and watched her “instastory”.  What I saw was, a mother insulting another mother for copying a professional photo session she had taken.  I was left feeling so bothered that I immediately unliked her picture and unfollowed her account.  Originally I followed her because I enjoyed her amazing feed and honest motherhood, but failed to remember behind these perfectly curated instagram feeds are imperfect human beings.  Now I’m not trying to shame this lady, but when you post your life publicly to the world, you are inviting everyone and anyone to admire your ideas which will sometimes lead to you becoming their form of inspiration.  That’s definitely a huge compliment, but I also get how this MAY be discouraging in some ways.  Maybe you spent hours and hours deciding on specific colors and scenery that you found perfect for that special moment, and here comes someone else who didn’t have to input as much time and effort since you had done the work and they’re receiving all the credit for what you felt was your ideas.  But if this is the mindset you have, if you will get angry and turn to cyber harassment over someone simply “copying” your picture, maybe your best bet is to switch your account to private and not share with the world your amazing ideas.  Almost every idea that someone has thought of or seen is most likely on Pinterest.  I literally turn to Pinterest for every occasion to get some inspiration and can spend hours browsing through categories.  Like their description says, Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas.

Sorry for the long rant here.  I just needed to voice my opinion on something I feel can be very serious and damaging to a person no matter their age, gender, job title, etc.  Harassment and bullying is such a scary reality that I pray my child won’t ever have to encounter.  However, I will raise her to be strong enough to identify it and move past it if she ever had to. We as parents need to be positive role models to our children or how else can we expect anything great?  Life is already hard as it is, so we need to encourage one another and lift each other up❤️ Be kind always.


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