10 Months and an Update.

September 11, 2016

You guys, my baby is 10 months old!  She has finally hit those double digits, meaning she is now 2 months shy of her first birthday (which btw, I really need to get on it with her party planning) but omg!  I seriously can’t get over how fast time flies when you have a baby.  It was just yesterday that Rylie was doing her superman pose on the floor, trying to move by wiggling her arms and legs around with mommy and daddy cheering her on.  She’s now clapping for herself and walking alongside tables and couches, taking everything out of their place along the way.  I’m pretty certain she’ll be walking on her own in no time and as exciting as that may be, I wanna cry and live in these moments a little bit longer.  Trust me when I say that time will stop for no one.  This is a great reminder to always give my 100% love and attention to Rylie because they really grow up  fast so every second counts 🙂

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That little grin and side eye though 😉

Now for a little personal update:  When I became pregnant, I imagined myself having no choice but to jump right back into work after 2 months of maternity leave.  Never did I think I would become a stay-at-home-mom being that the cost of living in Hawaii is so high and I relied heavily on my income to support my “way of life”, but we found a way and made it happen.  It has now been 11 months that I’ve been out from work (including the month I was on bed rest), and while it has been hard, exhausting and frustrating at times, it has been the most amazing and rewarding 11 months of my life.  With the new flexibility we never had while the both of us were working full-time, we were able to get in as much family outings as we could and spend a lot of time with loved ones.  I feel very fortunate that I got to witness and document so many milestones that Rylie hit, as well as see her start to become her own little person.  I probably don’t say it enough but I’m so appreciative of Chris for all that he does to support us.  Not only has he given me the greatest gift of all (Rylie), he has given me an 11 month long opportunity I didn’t think I’d ever get to experience.

Well, in less than 12 hours I will finally be returning to work part-time and leaving my baby for longer than 2 hours, for the first time.  I’ve been struggling with how to prepare myself for this big day and have been trying to remain positive in what I feel is going to be one of the toughest moments in motherhood, yet.  But like my good friend has reminded me, my sole purpose for working will be my baby.  Everything I do will be done for her.  I want to be sure that we can provide her the best life and if this means having to work a few days a week, then so be it.  This reminder means everything to me.  While I know I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling all sorts of sadness being that it’s the actual day, I will keep telling myself what she said to help me stay positive. (Thanks, K ❤ )

I would love to know what you working moms did to help you get through your first days back from maternity!




5 thoughts on “10 Months and an Update.”

  1. I love your insta and blog! I’m a new mom too, and I just started back at work this month after 14 months at home. It’s so hard, but reminding yourself that what you are doing is for your baby helps a lot! I started my so. At daycare one month before I started work so I could slowly let him get used to being away from me. He is excited to go to daycare now, so it makes it easier for me to go to work. Working short days helps too, because it makes me feel like I’m not missing out as much. You’ll make it through! 🙂

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    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with returning to work! I made it through my first day and so did my daughter 😀 You’re so right about working short days. My work shift is a short one that so happens to be during the times she has her naps so I really don’t feel like I’m missing out that much. Thanks again for the advice and encouragement 🙂 Us mamas have to stick together! Xo


      1. I’m so glad you both made it through! It is always hard, but gets easier (if that makes any sense lol). That’s great that your shifts are mostly during her nap!
        Yes, mamas gotta support other mamas. 😊
        Oh! I use the Nuna mixx too! I regret not getting the Pippa car seat…but I love the Mixx!
        Hope today’s rainy weather wasn’t too bad for you two!


      2. You’re right! It definitely does get easier. I’m just really relieved she did so well and is actually enjoying herself 😁
        And yay! I love my stroller but wished Rylie would stay in it. She hates being in her car seat so the stroller is used as a bag holder more than its actual purpose 😹
        You must live in Hawaii too! The rain was so heavy but we enjoyed it 😛 I love rainy weather since it’s always so hot here but just wished it didn’t come with the mugginess 😭


      3. Yes! I live in Oahu too!
        It’s still too muggy…can’t wait for things to cool down.
        My stroller is a bag holder most times too…it’s so bad but I bought a phone clip so my son can watch videos when it’s too hot to use the ergo baby. Lol hope you’re having a good week!


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