What I carry in my baby bag.

September 1, 2016

Omg it’s already September!!!  For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you guys what I currently keep in my baby bag.  I love to see what other mamas carry in their bags and the different ways they keep things organized, so why not share my own 🙂

Organization is a MAJOR key for me whenever we go out.  I try to keep things minimal with easy access since I’m usually carrying Rylie in one arm while struggling to get something out of my bag with the other arm.  As  stated in my favorite baby products post found here, I am using the Skiphop “Chelsea” diaper bag which has 10 different pockets and comes with a cushioned changing pad.  I’ve never appreciated having so many pockets in a bag until I became a mom!  Before mom life, practicality was never really something that sold me on a bag.  I went based off of how the bag looked or the brand. Today, I’m all about products that are convenient and make things easier with a baby in tow.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
Bag & Puff Keychain from Nordstrom


In my baby bag I have the same things I would carry in my personal bag along with Rylie’s belongings.  I will carry my phone, wallet, mirror, lip moisturizer, eye drops, pen, and mints.  For Rylie, I’ll carry 4 diapers, the floral pouch which holds her teething toys, my milk snob cover, a clean onesie and burp cloth (in case  of any accidents), 1 baby bling bows headband (black since it will match anything), 1 pacifier with clip, MAM bottle with water, her super puffs snack, purell wipes (for sanitizing carts and surfaces), and my heavily used hand sanitizer spray by The Honest Company.  Btw, if you are a sanitizing nazi like myself, you will LOVE this spray.  It has a nice natural scent and is a lot more quick to dry than liquid sanitizers.  I use this spray so often that I purposely keep the cap off so I can easily grab and spritz with one hand, haha.  If anyone decides to keep their cap off for any reason, please be sure it is out of your child’s reach.  I always make sure Rylie can’t get to it if I put my bag on the floor since she’s currently teething and tries to put everything in her mouth.

If I know I’ll be out for more than a few hours, I’ll pack an additional set of diapers, wipes, toys, clothes, pacifiers, and a swaddle in a separate bag like this and keep it in my car or the house we’re currently visiting.  Love my Longchamp bag as it can carry everything listed plus my macbook, however, it has only 1 pocket on the inside.  This doesn’t bother me too much since I’m not throwing a bunch of tiny items in it and if I do, I’ll just use another pouch like the floral one which I got from Forever 21.

That wraps it up for what I carry in my bag.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you mamas found this useful!  I can’t believe it’s already September and that this blog has been live for 13 days 😀 If anyone has any suggestions on bettering my blog whether it is something it lacks or if there are other topics you’d like to read about, please let me know!  I love hearing feedback.  Also, thank you to those who have reached out to me via other social media platforms.  It feels so nice to know my content is being read lol!  I will definitely be working on the appearance of my blog as time goes on so sorry if it is a little plain to the eye right now.





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